Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girls Together

Girls Together, Friends Forever

It's that happy time of summer when I get to visit both of my sisters at the same time! Last year we met up in Maryland; this year they are here with me in Indiana. Here's one of my favorite pictures from last summer's get-together: three of my beautiful nieces, wading in the stream on 4th of July, expressing such care and concern for one another. All nieces, by the way, are welcome during Sisters' Week, and even a few token males -- a husband here, a brother there, a stray nephew.

The longer I live, the closer I feel to my sisters and cousins and best friends from grade school. There's just something about having been girls together:

"Were we not friends from childhood?
Have I not loved thee long?"

~Emily Bronte

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  1. What a beautiful photograph. Girls helping girls. I love it.