Thursday, July 29, 2010

July the 29th

Cowans Gap Lake, Pennsylvania
Photograph taken on July the 29th, 2006

Dialogue from Gone Away Lake,
a story taking place sometime in the 1950s:

Mr. Payton went into a room that they called "the library" and came back with one of his ancient newspapers. He settled himself in his particular chair with his pipe and a glass of cherry-mead, while his sister puttered at the stove. The clock on the wall had an easygoing sound. Now and then Mr. Payton would tell his sister about something he was reading in the paper.

"On July the 29th, nineteen hundred, at Heathen's Crossing, Massachusetts, a baby boy was born with five teeth."

"I declare," said Mrs. Cheever peacefully. "July 29th. That's today, isn't it?"

"Well, Min, you know I always try to read a paper of the same day. The year doesn't signify."

"No, I suppose not."

by Elizabeth Enright, 1909 – 1968
American children's author and illustrator

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