Monday, July 12, 2010

Rose of Sharon

The Roses
One day in summer
when everything
has already been more than enough
the wild beds start
exploding along the berm
of the sea; day after day
you sit near them; day after day
the honey keeps on coming
in the red cups and the bees
like amber drops roll
in the petals: there is no end,
believe me! to the inventions of summer,
to the happiness your body
is willing to bear.

by Mary Oliver, American Poet, b. 1935
found in her book American Primitive
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1984

Okay, I admit, this not the berm of the sea,
and these are not roses.
It is a Rose of Sharon hedge in Indiana,
exploding along the edge of our driveway!


Jan's Rose of Sharon in Massachusetts

PS ~ August 2014
" . . . and the bees / like amber drops roll / in the petals . . .


  1. Kitti--
    Our rose of sharon appeared to be dying several years ago, but with some tender loving care, it is back full force. The blooms are absolutely stunning this year!

  2. Jan, I love the photo you sent! Thanks!

  3. Kit, you should see my Rose of Sharon bushes. They are huge! I suppose I should cut them back, but I hate the thought of it.

  4. Milly, post a picture on facebook and I will add it to the blog!