Friday, February 25, 2011

And To Think We Felt Alone

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"Cold Morning Poems by Naomi Shihab Nye"

Here's an old favorite:

It is a new day, chill and icy like a cold, sharp, knife.
It is a new day in a long line of new days in a life.


I walk in wonder to watch
The bundled people in the early light returning with nods
A morning hello

And to think we felt alone all night.

Now, I think I might read this second poem somewhat differently than I did back in highschool when I was first such a fan of Naomi Shihab's youthful poetry. More often than not, the "bundled people" do not respond with a nod or a morning hello. No acknowledgement whatsoever of your shared humanity on this planet. Life can seem so harsh, making it through the maze of obligations and errands, dealing with this conflict or that, so many daily unpleasantries. Then, as evening falls, home at last to the inner sanctum of family, friends, and loved ones. Such security!

And to think we felt alone all day!

Home Sweet Home

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"Indiana Gothic"

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