Friday, February 11, 2011

With a Stroke of Her Paw

Portrait of Pierri Loti & Cat, 1905 - 06
by French artist, Henri Rousseau (1844 - 1910)

If by chance I seated myself to write,
she very slyly, very tenderly,
seeking protection and caresses,
would softly take her place on my knee
and follow the comings and goings of my pen--
sometimes effacing with an unintentional stroke of her paw,
lines of whose tenor she disapproved.

~ Pierri Loti (1850 - 1923) ~

French novelist and naval officer

Beaumont does this too! Sometimes curling up quietly to sleep in my lap while I type -- but other times inadvertently sending an email, erasing a line of text, or re-configuring my keyboard while pouncing or prancing across the counter-top. What larks!


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  1. Aren't cats the ultimate? I adore my dog, and purposely have a dog for comfort and busy-ness. But always I miss my dear, dear cats.

    For we were happy, but very different. Sometimes I miss those cat days.