Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Quotes For A Cold Day

"The wind was blowing, but not too hard,
and everyone was so happy and gay
for it was only twenty degrees below zero
and the sun shone."

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder ~
American author, 1967 - 1957
from These Happy Golden Years,
# 8 in the Little House series, p 25

One morning we ran into a neighbor at the store
and she asked brightly:
"What was it at your house?"
"Fourteen below," we replied.
Her face fell. "We had minus twelve," she said,
and you could see that her day was ruined.

~ Richard Ketchum ~
[Lacking bio info on this author; if anyone has, please supply. Thanks!]

Above: Backyard ~ January Sunrise, 2005
Top: Front Yard ~ The Big Snow, February 2007

P.S. Why is backyard one word and front yard two words?

P.P.S. Another mighty chillyLittle House winter episode!


  1. I had never thought about the backyard/front yard question before and now it's got me wondering, too. How very odd. I love your pictures and the quotes; especially the Richard Ketchum quote. I've seen this so often and probably had my day ruined by similar comparisons.

  2. Note to self:
    gold backyard photo from Jan 30, 2005; stored in Finepix Feb 3, 2011
    blue front yard photo from Feb 14 2007; stored in Aolis / Photos

    (among other locations)

  3. from Kathleen O'Gorman:

    "Stunning photo, Kitti, and I can never seem to get my comments to post to your blog, so I'll add mine here. While not explicitly addressing the cold, I had considered posting about having spent much of last night with the wind raging thinking of these lines from "Wind," by Ted Hughes:

    "This house has been far out at sea all night,
    The woods crashing through darkness, the booming hills,
    Winds stampeding the fields under the window. . ."

    and later,

    "The wind flung a magpie away. . . ."

    I ended up just opting instead for the map with the -44 wind chill! Somehow, that seemed to do the job a bit more directly!"

  4. My sister Di wrote:

    I remember reading the "Little House on the Prairie" books, and they had some snow like that. I read them aloud to / with the kids. We'd bundle up under a blanket to read them. Those books always made us cold. Haha! xo