Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paw Prints

Josef (1988 - 2007)

"If a cat did not put a firm paw down now and then,
how could his human remain possessed?"

~ Winifred Carriere ~

American writer, known for her cat quotes

Look at Josef! Such a little genius! One snowy afternoon, the kids decorated this box for him and stuck him inside. (I missed it out in the photograph, but just above his head, it says "Josef's House.") How did he know precisely where to step? Right in the paw prints that they had drawn for him!

Even as I write this, my little cat Beaumont is sitting by the keyboard, reaching out to pat my arm, reminding me to stop typing and give her a treat! She's a genius too! Here she is, just waiting for her chance to write the first word in my new Liberty Print Journal:

"She darts out a paw, and begins plucking it
and inquiring into the matter . . .
What a graceful action of that foot is hers,
between delicacy and petulance!
-- combining something of a thrust out,
a beat and a scratch."

~ Leigh Hunt ~

English essayist and poet

~ Beaumont also drinks water from her own little cup and saucer ~

~ Iced Tea in the Summertime ~

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