Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Siblings

The Coronation of the Virgin with Six Angels, c. 1390
by Florentine Artist Agnolo Gaddi (c. 1350 - 1396)
Edmund Leach: "Apart from the fact that Christ is already wearing his crown and the Madonna is not, the two figures are represented as virtually identical; they might as well be twins." (from the essay " 'Why did Moses have a sister?' 57)
Jessamyn West:
"'God's only begotton son,' said old Eli Morningstar, leaning across the fence rail in his earnestness. 'Why only one, Jess Birdwell, and why a son? Whyn't a daughter? Something fishy there, Jess Birdwell, and the more you think on it, the plainer it becomes. Something mighty fishy. Something mighty fishy.'"
(from The Friendly Persuasion, 151)
More about why Jesus needs a sister
on my current post

~ A Twin Sister For Jesus ~

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Sisters in Easter Dresses
Egon Schiele - Zwei kauernde M├Ądchen - 1911
Herbert Boeckl - Zwei Tochter des Kunstlers, Martina and Maria, 1929

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