Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Full Hand, Full House, Full Heart

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Sorting through saved mail, I came across this timely note from awhile back, yet ever pertinent. It seems to me that Beata's comparison of hours to playing cards could be a chapter right out of Einstein's Dreams!

And with Day Light Saving Time drawing nigh, even the coming weekend will be an hour shorter! I know, I know -- that very same hour will be coming back around -- but not for months! In the meantime, here's what Beata has to say about hanging on to whatever hours we can!

Sunday, 28 June 2009
Dear K ~

Sorry I keep missing your attempts to touch base: email, house phone, cell phone, facebook -- so many portals for rejection, but it's not that! My schedule has been ever so slightly irregular. I am on my way to make everyone happy. It is my mission, and so that includes you, too. We will meet tomorrow in the gym, I promise.

I have been cruising between my garden, my kitchen, my neighbor's pool party, and the gym. I do the shopping, cook meals that everyone likes, and try to fulfill any wish. Macy's -- yes, we go; Kohl's -- yes, I can drive; Farmer's Market -- too expensive, we go to Pay Less instead; Panera for fresh pastries -- I'll drive. Where else now? Anywhere I could go. I am ready.

So good night, after cleaning my kitchen until is spotless. Then there is another circle or I should say, a day, completed. I am so amazed these days go so, so fast. I have an impression that instead of hours, I have a deck of cards in my hands -- those are my days, and I toss them and they disappear as a ray of light in a sphere. I am sending them to the unknown by just throwing them, or playing with them carelessly. And at night I feel rather sad that -- maybe -- I have not enough of them remaining in my hand.

I simply do not know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Not yet. But I am ready. . . .

XO, B.

Many Thanks to Beata for her consistent inspiration
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