Friday, September 13, 2019

A Lucky Friday

Fairyworld Tablescape Created by my Friend Beata

Friday the 13th needn't be an unlucky day -- not if you believe in gnomes, wizards, fairies, birds that talk, fish that sing -- and the full moon!

Remember David the Gnome, based on the huge book, Gnomes, written by Wil Huygen and illustrated by Rien Poortvliet? The animated cartoon, silly yet endearing, featured the memorable voices of Tom Bosley and Christopher Plummer; and we loved the theme song:
The World Of David The Gnome
~ Opening Theme ~

Look around you
There are many things to see
That some would say
Could never be

These things I know
It's true and I will tell you so
They are there to see
For you and me / If you please

Trolls, and wizards, and fairy kings
Birds that talk and fish that sing
And if your heart is true
Then you will find them too

In every wish and dream and happy home
You will find the kingdom of the gnomes

Music by Javier Losada
Lyrics by Bob Jewett & Jack Maeby
Performed by Normand Groulx

"If your heart is true . . . look for it tonight . . .
Thanks to Joyce McClanahan for all
the best seasonal posters & reminders!

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