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Lausanne, Switzerland ~ High above Lake Geneva
at a local fondue restaurant, with windmill feature

A few weeks ago, I wrote to let my friend Jim Barnes know that I would soon be in Lausanne for a couple of days, my first visit to Switzerland! I wondered, did he have any have any tourist tips for me?

No matter what Jim writes, it comes out as poetry, as you can see from his reply:
More than you need to be burdened with! But do take the boat (four or more roundtrips per day?) across the lake to Thonon-les-Bains. Good relaxing half-hour ride, time for wine, tea, thinking. Have lunch in Thonon, away from the dock.

The local fish is (was, at least) excellent, right out of the lake, a little boney though. While you are in Lausanne, drink all the chocolate you can hold. It's the world's best when drunk by the cup thereabouts (un grand chocolat, s'il vous plait! will get you a Large Cup).

Walking Lausanne is a challenge. Best to take the metro up. Great museum at top, on the grand plaza, which had a collection of Nabokov's butterflies when I was there in 1993. Great shopping street, the shopping street for sure, is rue de Bourg, and halfway up the rue, on the premier, above Barnes Realty (no damned kidding!), is a great piazza place. Don't let the graffitied walls fool you. Good food!

If you have a car, do take a drive along the lake to Montreux and there walk along the lake to Chateaux de Chillon. It's a good hike there and back, lots of flowers and villas. If you get to Montreux before noon, your first stop must be for pastry at the Zucher (sit in the back and look out over the lake to les mountains). The pastry is usually well gone by noon.

There is so much I could tell you, Kitti! If there's something particular you are interested in in la Suisse and Lausanne, just ask. We were there last four years ago. There is a great surviving Roman amphitheatre in Avenche (a very small bourg), a nice country-hour's drive from Lausanne or Montreux.
Thanks to Jim for helping me prepare for this amazing opportunity! With only forty - eight hours to spend, I wasn't able to do it all, but I did as much as I could. Hopefully, I will have the good fortune to go again one day!

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