Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Who Knew?

I just keep thinking about the editors picking this photo for the front of their calendar, and then before the year was out, the buildings no longer existed. I know that all of the New York City Cow Statues are iconic, but this one especially so.

Flight Path (9/11)

A nice day for breakfast outside. Well-practised
by now, birds sing out the end of summer.
On the wall, a marmalade sphinx, unblinking
doesn't miss a twitch in the garden.

In a hurry for Heathrow and bored,
a 747 scratches its dirty fingernails
down the clearblue, blameless sky.
We wince, the birds, the cat and I.

* * *
Across the pond, excited at the prospect ahead
they are up at first light and praying. The drive
out to Logan will be uneventful. At check - in
a girl will thank them and smile: "Have a nice day."

by Liverpool Poet, Roger McGough (b. 1937)
(More McGough, for all seasons . . . )


While working on our record album display, I realized that the Cow Parade Calendar that we have been saving for 18 years, fit right in with Gerry's favorite: Atom Heart Mother. The Taxi Cow appearing on the cover of the calendar does not feature on any of the twelve months inside. Here are a few others:

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