Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm With Her

Happy British Mother's Day!
Or, as they say across the pond,
Happy Mothering Sunday!

In honor of the occasion, I want to thank my sons
for some recent kind gestures that touched my heart:

1. On the Day of the Worldwide Women's March
~ Saturday, January 21 ~

Sam took these amazing pictures from his NYC office window
and tagged them # I'm With Her.
Thanks Sam.

2. On International Women's Day
~ Wednesday, March 8 ~

Ben shared a few of my consciousness - raising posts,
including "I Always Did Hate That Crap,"
with the caption "More by my inspiring mother here."
Thanks Ben.

Thinking back to January 21st and March 8th, I'm grateful to my grown sons for acknowledging my involvement in these world events and for participating in their own ways on behalf of their mother. Thanks guys!

Postcards from Sarah Tiederman

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