Monday, March 20, 2017

Light Spectrum

Stained Glass Representation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
KEY (left to right):
Green: Radio waves; Yellow teardrops: Meteors;
Orange teardrops: Aurora;
Red: Infrared light; Rainbow colors: Visible light; Violet: Ultraviolet light;
Dark violet triangles: X-rays; Light violet triangles: Gamma rays;
Pink: Cosmic rays.

Happy Vernal Equinox
Some haiku for the
Day and Night of Equal Light:

Trying but failing
to be the voice of reason.
The spirit prevails.

Here's to equanimity
and all shall be well!


The season of increasing light seems a befitting time for a coincidence concerning the Lumineers. Not long ago, my friend Cate sent me the link to their hit "Cleopatra."

The night before receiving Cate's email, Gerry and I had been to the movie theater where one of the previews was a larger - than - life trailer of a "LUMINEERS TOUR." Now, to back-track a little bit, before going to the movie, Gerry and I had been talking about cruises, like the European Viking Tours, and trying to decide if we would ever try something like that someday.

So when I saw the words "LUMINEERS TOUR," I immediately thought, "Oh that sounds like a great cruise! What kind of cruise is that?" Gerry tried to set me straight, "I think that's a concert tour -- not a cruise tour." Oh, okay.

Then, I got home, and there was Cate's email and the beautiful song by none other than the Lumineers! Suddenly it all made sense! Isn't it strange how that happens?

Anyway, it is a lovely, meaningful, and timely song. And I can always count on my Quotable Cate for timely words of wisdom!

The Banquet, 1958 ~ Rene Magritte, 1898 - 1967

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