Monday, May 29, 2017

Designs by Rosanne

The last time that Gerry & I were in England, his mother showed us her art portfolio from years ago, including these designs (each about 5" x 5") that she painted back in college.

Mothers and Children

Mothers and children from long ago,
Mothers and children from far away,
So many of them being together,
It's always been that way.

Some of them lived in dusty castles,
Some of them lived where monkeys play,
Each of them caring for the other,
Just as they do today.

Sharing a story, playing a game,
Looking alike, well, almost the same.
In cities, and jungles, and deserts, and farms,
See all the mothers with kids in their arms.

In happy times, sad times,
Hungry times, glad times,
There always have been, there always will be
Mothers and children, needing each other,
Just like you and me.

Sung by Alaina Reed Hall (1946 - 2009)
As Olivia
In that old childhood favorite from Sesame Street:
Don't Eat the Pictures

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