Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Panama Bag

Panama Bag Selfie!
For those who have asked about the Panama Bag: My husband Gerry brought the bag from Panama as a present for me in 2002. A few years ago, I was putting together an album of various travel pics and realized that the Panama Bag was in every one. After that, I started making sure to bring it everywhere I went and photograph it. (Sorry to say, a few times I have unthinkingly brought along a different travel bag & then regretted it!)

Jay always gives the bag a big "Like," so on my recent roadtrip through the Midwest, which included Kirksville for the first time since 1989, I knew that Jay would want to see the bag in person and do it justice with his amazing camera skills!
"I found a picture of you . . ."

Company & Last Chance Texaco

Jay says, "Kitti holds the Nuclear Codes!"
So here's my favorite song about the nuclear codes:
Ammonia Avenue

Jay always says: "Gasp! The Panama Bag!"
So here's a picture of Jay gasping & me showing off!
I love the way the "Dukum Inn" logo
is featured right alongside the Panama Bag!
Jupiter aligns with Mars!

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