Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy Autumn, Happy Bacon

This one's for Gerry!
Maple Leaf Bacon

Such an unusual image for approaching autumn,
yet altogether fitting!

from I, Keturah ~ Ruth Wolff
"In late August you can catch summer slipping away but you can't pen it up. The locust trees turned brown from the blight that came with the hot, rainless days. A sigh of the wind, and a shower of leaves would swirl down from the locust trees, covering the grass below like so many tiny, curled bacon crisps. In the woods the leaves on a dying sugar maple were bright red, as if the tree's blood were running out. The golden glow began to bloom; farewell summer and purple ironweed. A light film of dust covered the weeds along the road, there was a faint haze in the air, and the hum of insects rose in wave upon wave of strident prediction of more dryness and heat. Everything green was dimmed."
(202, emphasis added)


Thanks to Katherine Galvin for the new
-- and surprisingly related -- fridge magnet!

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