Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mystic Ouabache

~ Belated Happy Earth (& Water) Day ~
Greetings From the Banks of the Mythic Wabash!
Local Mural by Craig Martin

Fun Fact From
Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Wabash is the English spelling of Ouabache
the French name for the river.
French traders named it after the Miami Indian name,
Waapaahsiiki, meaning “it shines white.”


Several times per week, Gerry and I enjoy breakfast / lunch / dinner at Town & Gown Bistro (situated on North River Road, adjacent to Craig Martin's mural), and we always prefer a view of the mural to any other, drinking our coffee while mesmerized by the deep tones and swirling textures of the Mythic Wabash Man (aka "Celery Bog Man"), rising mysteriously from beneath the mighty river.

We feel so lucky to live just a few blocks not only from the Mighty Wabash, but also from such great public art and such a fine restaurant. Many thanks to artist Craig and Bistro owners Matt & Regen for sharing their talents in the community!

Wabash ~ Ouabache ~ Waapaahsiiki

Believe It Or Not

The River Simply Manifest

So Much Water Moving

Dawn on the Wabash

Come Back to the Present!

Back When We Had More Trees
~ Happy Arbor Day! ~
Wabash from the Driveway April 8, 2009
[file: finepix March 22, 2009]

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