Sunday, April 22, 2018

Smarter & Fancier

Thanks to my friend Cate for capturing
this screen print to go along with my blog!
She understands my mission and knows what I'm about!

It's true -- you really can get smarter
(and fancier!)
from reading my blog posts --
every few days, fortnightly, monthly!

If you don't believe me, how about these testimonials
from some of my highly intelligent readers:

Back in my second year of blogging, my sweet little darling niece
Anna sent this inspiring reponse:

Hi Aunt Kit! I was getting ready to go to sleep, when I stopped by your facebook page and clicked on the link to your blog to check out your newest entry -- and of course ended up reading the past three months worth. I love your style of writing. It's so calming, relaxing, intelligent, and home-y. Sort of like a really great bedtime story. Speaking of which, I really should be heading that way. Thanks for writing!
Love you, xoxo♥

September 8, 2010 at 11:34pm

And from my lovely cousin Maggie:

Kitti Cuz, I got lost in your blog this Sat morning. It is SO amazing, so much to take in! You are so entertaining and wise!!!!
I love you, cuz!

August 13, 2011

More recently, my loyal reader and oft - quoted friend
Burnetta wrote on my behalf:

My friend Kitti has kept a blog going for a long time now. They always touch something deep within me. I hope that you will take time to read this one. I can feel memory creeping up on me at odd times, in the line of a grocery store, driving by a landmark, the smell of an autumn fire. Memories are still a real part of my life and make it richer. As my memory stumbles at times for 'facts', my tactile and sensory memories seem stronger. Memories remind us of who we are at the core.
Downfall or Saving Grace?

Literary commentary means so much,
coming from our creative family friend

R: I just wanted to say how much I love your blog especially the poetry. I just shared your late friend Celine's poem "Spring." Truly meaningful writing. I just followed you on the blog list. Please don't ever stop sending these out.

K: Thanks Renee! You just made my day! Cyberspace really is FULL OF DEAR FRIENDS! (Not just a black hole as I sometimes fear.) All is well here.

R: I am happy to know that but I really mean it. You have put me back in touch with poetry and Emily Bronte.

K: I know you do; I never doubted. Thanks for being a true friend, over the years and over the miles.

R: I have realized as I get older, that real friends (people you have shared large segments of your life with) are always friends. No matter how little you see them. I try to only have friends on FB. You know what I mean -- not just FB friends. Emily Bronte, I am coming back to you.❤

R: I appreciate yr discussion of Virginia W. She is a woman who should never pass into oblivion. I enjoy yr blog immensely. Thank you.

And from one of the keenest intellectuals
I've had the joy to meet through blogging,
Brigit always has some encouraging words:

B: You're a cultural force of nature!
K: Thanks Brigit -- just one of the many services I offer!
B: Keep the great content coming!

April 21, 2015

B: For anyone who who enjoys poetry, wisdom, culture and just general loveliness, you can't do better than my friend Kitti Carriker's blog. She's a scholar, teacher, traveler and general student of life.

K: Brigit, thanks so much for your kind words. Your praise was so high that I felt I might have actually been a little lazy this time, so I gave the post some fine tuning to make sure it lived up to your compliments. Thanks for inspiring me to keep at it!

B: Kitti Carriker is a ninja. This blog is really a public service and should be read far and wide.

Bright Blue October ~ Oct 19 2017

B: You always have the best pictures, poems and commentary -- long live Kitti Carriker!
Winter Solstice 2017

B: Your posts shine a clear light in all this darkness. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Thanks everybody -- for all the kind words!

Anthony W
Shout out to Kitti Carriker, a great valuer of poetry
January 10, 2018

Barbara S
You have the heart of a poet and the eye of an artist💙
Panera Still Life

Gabrielle S
Oh so beautiful! Thank you Kitti! Your blog is wonderful.
This post made my morning.
Every comment and everything about this post is AWESOME!

September 8, 2009

Kitti honestly without you in my life there would be no poetry.
January 2011 / 2018

Nancy S
You have an incredible way of linking history to your personal life!
I love your links!

Norman Rockwell's Birthday

Tim T
Thanks, Kitti for your unending eloquent endeavor;
it is a reading pleasure I enjoy!

October 26, 2014


Barbara T
This is amazing. I learn so much from you
and marvel at the beauty of the paintings, photographs,
memorabilia and WORDS that you share. Thank you.

May 2018

Charlotte V
I'm somewhat in awe of how you chronicle your life.
I honestly just have a shitty memory for details.
It's occasionally problematic . . .

May 9, 2012 / 2018

or Hey, has anybody seen my Self - Confidence?

Back when I started this blog, a little voice of Anxiety / Imposter Syndrome made fun of my title, reading over my shoulder and sneering: "Quotidian?" As if I were a self-important academic showoff. Sticking up for myself, I said, "Don't laugh at my diction!" Imposter Response: "I will laugh." I'm over that, right? The real question is why such criticisms go straight to the heart of my self - esteem, but they do.

Outwardly, I stood by my word choice, deeming it rather elegant and straightforward -- smarter and fancier, shall we say! Yet, inwardly, there is always the second-guessing. I felt so mortified, like all of a sudden -- oh my gosh do I look pretentious and stupid and pathetic in the eyes of the world and all (if there are any) of my readers? I had to keep assuring myself that it was okay; that I was not an idiot; that "quotidian" is a perfectly good word that has been in both my written and spoken vocabulary for lo these many years.


  1. From Ger: You're my blog of everyday :-)

    Old News:
    Wed 7/22/2009
    Blog of the Day!

  2. From my dear Evelet (on Linkedin ~ February 11, 2021)

    Congratulations, Kit! You've mediated a lot of beauty to your readers, enhanced by your learned commentary and native wit. xo Evelet

  3. Another good LinkedIn message (February 2012):
    this one from Rolf (RIP):

    I wasn't sure you were THE Kitti Carriker but with Jim Barnes as one of your contacts there's only one logical conclusion.

    When we were going to college did any of us even imagine this?

    Really good to get in contact again. Have you heard from Vickie Amador?

    Let me know what you have been up to. No good I hope.....