Monday, May 21, 2018

Birthday Prep

Tiara Time

"To Do" list in preparation for birthday:

1. Get Tiara

2. Get Kingdom

3. Never Say Sorry

I can't tell -- did they personalize this photo just for me?
Or is this something that I'm supposed to order in the mail?
[Like a "Sewing Kit" or a "Package Wrapping Kit"
or a "Medium Fireworks Kit"]


This is "basically" an 8 - year - throw - back post,
when the idea was to type your name into Urban Dicitonary
& see what comes up. I kind of liked my result:

February 9, 2010
Urban dictionary:
"Basically a kitti is basically your dream girl." (!)


To go along with ~ "No appointments; no disappointments" ~
Some good advice I received from my son Sam last year:
"Never say sorry -- especially not on your birthday."

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