Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where You Will Go

Days to Remember ~ Paul Detlefsen (1899 - 1986)
The Place

Once in your life you pass
Through a place so pure
It becomes tainted even
By your regard, a space
Of trees and air where
Dusk comes as perfect ripeness.
Here the only sounds are
Sighs of rain and snow,
Small rustlings of plants
As they unwrap in twilight.
This is where you will go
At last when coldness comes.
It is something you realize
When you first see it,
But instantly forget.
At the end of your life
You remember and dwell in
Its faultless light forever.

by Paul Zimmer (b 1934)
Memorial Day ~ 2018
We die only once, and for such a long time!
[On ne meurt qu'une fois; et c'est pour si longtemps!]
Le D├ępit Amoureux
, Act V, sc. iii (1656) ~ Moliere (1622 – 1673)



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