Saturday, November 10, 2018

Before Winter

Red Maple by Night
In front of Town & Gown Bistro
"Before Winter or never. There are some things in this life which will never get done if they are not done before Winter. Certain doors are now open that Winter will close for ever; certain voices to which we can now respond which Winter may silence for ever.

For instance, there is the voice of friendship and affection. . . . It is this certainty that Winter will come which injects urgency into our human relationships. . . . Whenever for our peace of mind or our conscience's sake there is something to be said or done for another human being and we decide we will get around to it tomorrow or next week or next month -- better think again do it now, before Winter.

. . . if you are going to make a fresh start, do it now -- before Winter" -- intervenes
from the essay "Do It Now!"
found in What the Papers Didn't Say
by Colin Morris, 1929 - 2018
Essayist, broadcaster, minister
Methodist Church of Great Britain


Town & Gown Maples ~ North River Road
West Lafayette, Indiana

Trees Next Door to Town & Gown
I took these pictures a year ago for
The Last Nice Day of 2017

"Even as it envelops me
it is not mine, this autumn:
that wind blowing through the pines,
I regret how it makes them fall --
the leaves, the scarlet leaves of ivy." ~ Anon.


And for
The Last Nice Day of 2018
The Last Roses of Autumn
at Town & Gown Bistro

P.S. And 2019

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