Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Too Soon For Snow

November 9th ~ 48 Hours Later ~ November 11th

Hail Purdue!

First, we have freezing temperatures and light snow on Halloween; then we have a follow - up of dangerous weather and 3 inches of ice and snow on Veterans Day. Too soon!

Now only was our street incredibly slick last night, but our power was out from 6:30pm - midnight. Due to some unexplained electrical mystery, our neighbors right across the street weren't affected, so they kindly invited us over for warmth, light, cocktails, and Monday Night Football. Later on, we came home to light up all the pumpkin spice candles leftover from Halloween, to read for awhile by candlelight, and to think about life without the miracle of electric everything, in the simple / complicated days of yore!

It was pretty amazing to watch out the window when the trucks finally came -- almost like staying up late enough on Christmas Eve to see Santa actually arrive!
See the heroic line-person way up in the cherry picker?
Thank you for your service!


It is obviously way too soon for The Last Nice Day of 2019!
Half the leaves on the trees are still green --
yet covered with snow! That's not right!
Last Nice Days of 2017 & 2018

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