Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Terrific Title!

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Who doesn't love a good title -- one so quirky that you just can't forget it, that you love to repeat over and over again, just to hear the sound of it? I particularly admire the way that Gregory Corso wrote an entire poem made up of Saleable Titles. Yes, indeed, I have always (ever since first reading his list back in 1976) wanted to read them all!

When it comes to irresistible titles,
poet Dana Roeser is the best!
Need I say more:

As soon as I murmured these intriguing titles under my breath, I knew I had to find those poems, track them down inside the pages beneath the magical cover art and read each word until I had discerned the mystery of the changed theme and the thundershirts. Sometimes a beloved family pet takes a turn for the worse on the very night that the household is filling up with not - very - loveable guests. Sometimes a transparent ghost in the wind reminds us that our exposed souls might need a thundershirt to make it through the coming cold. Read more! / Plus this review!

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