Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Cat Friday

Who needs Black Friday when you have Black CAT Friday?!

Lester & Fuqua (i.e., James the Less & James the Great)

Anyone familiar with our cat Fuqua knows that he has a very elaborate and important name: James B. Fuqua. Some folks refer to him as "James" but I have always called him by his first name -- until a year or so ago when we came across a facebook funny about the little child who asks his parents why his baby brother is called "James" when, in fact, "He's only one Jame."

After that, it was just too much fun to start referring to Fuqua as "Jame" on a regular basis. He had been an only cat since September 2018, when we lost our dear old Pine; so, in every sense of the word, he was "only one Jame."

Then came a day in mid - July when the time seemed right to present Fuqua with a kitten, so off I went to the shelter and came home with this little Shadow Baby, who needed a name to match his brother's!

Using Fuqua's full name as a starting point, we decided to call our new pantherlet "James the Lesser" -- no, not a minor King of England but a minor saint. At last, we had two James! Not only is "James the Lesser" the perfect namesake for a Shadow Baby, but it also led to the perfect nickname:


Getting to know you,
getting to know all about you . . .

Eating Together


Making the bed . . .
or preventing the bed from being made!

Playing in the Bread Basket

Fuqua has loved this basket since kittenhood ~ July 2012

7 years later, Fuqua stakes his claim ~ July 2019

Hey, this is fun! ~ Lester ~ July 2019

Lester, channeling his inner Fuqua! ~ July 2019

Fuqua as a Baby ~ Spring 2012 ~ curled up for a nap
beside the ashes of Dear Old Josef 1988 - 2007)

Seven years later ~ Summer 2019
Baby Lester finds the same nesting spot

Halloween Cats
Fuqua ~ 2018

Lester ~ 2019

I love the way my friend Alma says, “Oh my cat!”
I’m going to start saying that as my primary exclamation of surprise!
[Like me, Alma is the keeper of two black cats.]

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