Monday, December 2, 2019

Current Events for Advent

Advent Calendar Cat

Pardon my sanity in a world insane.”
Emily Dickinson

Some articles for each week of Advent,
preparing our hearts to make the world
a better place in the New Year:

The First Week ~ Hope
"The short history of global living conditions
and why it matters that we know it"

~ Updated in 2019 ~
by Max Roser

The Second Week ~ Peace
"The Enemy Within:
Our grasp on what it takes
to sustain a democracy is slipping"

~ December 2019 ~
by James Mattis

The Third Week ~ Love
"Feeding the Hungry
is Our Moral and Social Responsibility"

~ March 29, 2019 ~
by Monica Brown Moss

The Fourth Week ~ Joy
"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Is More Than a Feel-Good Movie"

~ November 21, 2019 ~
by David Sims


There is SO MUCH food in this country -- so much, in fact, that, for better or worse, we often throw away the excess without even flinching. Please GIVE IT AWAY and let people eat it -- not the trash food, but the good food. There's plenty of that too! This isn't about who "deserves" food -- there is no such thing. It is about distributing the bounty in a land of plenty.

As Richard Rohr says in Falling Upward: "There is no longer any question 'Does he or she deserve it [love, inclusion, acceptance, forgiveness, the loving gaze of God]?' What we received was totally undeserved itself" (160).

Yes, we are all connected:
"The World as 100 People"

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