Monday, December 30, 2019

Gauguin Nativity

Christmas Night: The Blessing of the Oxen (1902 - 03)
by Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903)

Thanks to my friends Claude & Susanna for sharing the Gauguin Nativity in his Christmas greeting this year and letting me know that it is nearby! Not only was this lovely painting new to me; but, I must confess that, even though Gerry and I have been back in the area for 15 years now, we have yet to visit all the Indianapolis Museums. Maybe the Children's Museum once and the Historical Society once, but never The Eiteljorg or The IMA.

New Year's Resolution! Right?
Claude writes: "Do make a date, you and Gerry (& before Valentine's!), of going to IMA. The architecture and grounds are lovely, and collection impressive even 20 yrs ago, when I last saw; I'm sure even better now. If the museum cafe is still as nice as I remember it, you can make a whole winter's day of it. For decades, going to the IMA was one of Ginny and Rick's favorite outings together. Happy New Year to all there."

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  1. Never saw this one by Gauguin! How lovely (and very much his style). Thanks for sharing!