Friday, December 6, 2019

A Grim St. Nicholas

A Troubling St. Nick
Poster advertising The Museum of Communism
Prague, Czech Republic

Notice the helpful advice in the lower right corner -- "Above McDonald’s" -- yet another special feature of this already priceless poster, offering the perfect blend of ancient & popular cultures. I was immediately intrigued by the sight of this poster in the window, and visiting this totally eye - opening museum was one of the highlights of our visit, conveniently located right across the street from our hotel. However, we never did make it to the McDonald's.

One of the displays in the museum was an imitation corner store, showing how difficult it had been to buy household supplies. As part of the display, there were a lot of empty shelves behind the counter and a sign: "Maybe Next Month."

When I asked in the REAL (not imitation) gift shop if they had postcards of the St. Nick poster, the cashier said, "Maybe next month"! This was in October, and I was thinking in advance of buying a few dozen to send as Christmas cards when I got home; so at first I thought the answer implied that they might get more in stock in November, closer to the holidays.

Then Gerry McCartney said, "Remember the sign in the little store? Maybe it was a meta - answer!"

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