Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Shiny Bright

Fuqua is in total admiration of the Christmas tree!
Or as one of our neighbors said, He is in - cat -uated!

Thanks to so many friends and relatives who said this photo
should be in a contest or in an ad or on a Christmas card;
and especially to my little brother Aaron who said,
"That's a great picture and a beautiful tree. It looks
like something out of a Christmas Ideals book."

Wow! Thanks A! No greater praise!
We often joke around our house that for Gerry and the boys there are only two season: Football and Waiting for Football; and for me that translates to Christmas and Waiting for Christmas. This photo, seems to capture both seasons simultaneously -- both the waiting and the actualization, since in each one there is always more than a bit of the other!
A few new favorites every year ~
so much fun to acquire and admire!

Vintage Shiny Brites ~
I've loved them all my life!

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