Sunday, January 19, 2020

Willow Willow Willow

Thanks to my friend Katy for the
Black & Gold Willow Tier Plates!

I have loved traditional Blue Willow since forever!
Just like the children in the paintings,
I always had my breakfast on a Blue Willow plate & bowl
when I stayed with my grandparents in Kansas!

Not to mention Christmas Willow!

Gerry and I later became fans of the pale blue
Chinese Legend

And I was aware of Red Willow . . .

. . . and Rose / Pink Willow

But I never knew until this Christmas
that it came in Black . . .

. . . and better yet, in Black and Gold!
Purdue Snazzy!


Medieval Willow Song
Quoted by Shakespeare, in Othello:

“The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree,
Sing all a green willow, willow willow willow,
With his hand in his bosom and his head upon his knee.
Oh willow, willow, willow
Shall be my garland. . . . "


And on the informative Orwell Today Blog, this
delightful post of poems directly related to the plates:

1. Two Birds Flying High

Two birds flying high
a little ship sailing by
a Chinese castle here it stands
facing many, many lands
a little bridge with three men on
a willow tree, that ends my song

2. Two Pigeons Flying High

Two pigeons flying high
Chinese vessel sailing by
Weeping Willow hanging or
Bridge with three men if not four
Chinese Temple here it stands
Seems to cover all the land
Apple tree with apples on
A pretty fence to end my song

3. There Were Two Birds A Flying High

There were two birds a flying high
A China ship a passing by
A China house see there it stands
As fine as any in the land
And if you look a little closer
You will see three men if not four
An apple tree with apples on
And a bridge beneath the sun

4. Far Away Within the East

Far away within the East,
A monarch kept his state.
And near him, just across the bridge,
There lived a prince (see plate).
The monarch had a daughter fair.
The prince in love was he.
"No, no, good man," the monarch said,
"My daughter stays with me."
Across the bridge the lovers fled.
The king pursued irate.
They hied them to a little boat,
And sailed away (see plate).
Alas the stormy winds did blow
As cruel as cruel could be.
They dashed the boat upon the rocks,
and drowned them in the sea.
But changed to bird by fairies kind
Their spirits rose elate.
And even now about the king
They hover still (see plate).


Not forgetting Calamityware

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