Friday, March 20, 2020

Last Sunset of Winter

The Last Sunset of Winter . . .
after a day of pouring rain.
We have three of these octagonal windows in our house.
I love the way they seem like picture frames of nature!

Praise the Rain

Praise the rain; the seagull dive
The curl of plant, the raven talk—
Praise the hurt, the house slack
The stand of trees, the dignity—
Praise the dark, the moon cradle
The sky fall, the bear sleep—
Praise the mist, the warrior name
The earth eclipse, the fired leap—
Praise the backwards, upward sky
The baby cry, the spirit food—
Praise canoe, the fish rush
The hole for frog, the upside-down—
Praise the day, the cloud cup
The mind flat, forget it all—

Praise crazy. Praise sad.
Praise the path on which we're led.
Praise the roads on earth and water.
Praise the eater and the eaten.
Praise beginnings; praise the end.
Praise the song and praise the singer.

Praise the rain; it brings more rain.
Praise the rain; it brings more rain.

by Joy Harjo (b. 1951)
Poet Laureate of the United States


The Vernal Equinox occurred last night just before midnight.
The sky does not look like this today, but
hope springs eternal & spring hopes eternal!
Young Hall ~ Purdue University
Photo taken February 27, 2020

Waiting for another sunset:
few and far between!


  1. I treasure this comment, coming from Bobbi:

    "How beautiful! You are an artist."