Thursday, May 7, 2020

Light Up the Night

Neighborly advice: "Despair and move on!"

One of my favorite evening views:
looking out my kitchen window,
admiring my red deck lights
and, across the way,
my neighbors' little tree.
We made a pact to keep the lights
up until the coronavirus subsides.
We need all the brightness we can get!

"They will come again, the leaf and the flower . . .
Earth cares for her own ruins, naught for ours.
Nothing is certain, only the certain spring. "

from "The Burning of the Leaves"
by Laurence Binyon ( 1869 - 1943)

Last inside tree of the season:
I took this one down on Palm Sunday.
See Fuqua under the tree?

We welcomed these tiny newcomers
to our garden this year:
Pheasant's Eye Daffodils

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