Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mother's Day Cards

Sorting through a stack of old Mother's Day cards, saved by my grandmother, I came across this one -- kind of unusual for our family, because we never referred to any of our grandmothers as "Nana." I bet my mom chose it anyway for the winsome little puppy, and then helped my little brother sign his name.

No date given, but probably 1965 or 1966.

Here's another one that stood out
from the other more delicate designs.
What a surprise to look inside and discover a rarely
seen aspect of my grandfather's sense of humor!

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from my grandmother's collection
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"Window With a Mother's Face"

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one of my mother's childhood essays

On the topic of greeting cards:

My friend Mumbi paid me the dearest compliment
last month when she wrote:
"Thank you for the Easter card.
The cards you send to me and others
are like a diary of your love to us."

This kind sentiment seems especially true, looking at
all of these heartfelt inscriptions from decades gone by.

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