Friday, September 18, 2020

Older With the Years, Or Not

When I shared this photo of my tablecloth and centerpiece,
my observant friend -- and excellent photographer* Julie
responded with the following decorative cabbages:

Nature Imitates Art

Time & Chance Happeneth to Them All

from the letters of
Emily Dickinson:

"Affection is like bread,
unnoticed till we starve, and then we dream of it,
and sing of it, and paint it, when every urchin
in the street has more than he can eat.
We turn not older with years,
but newer every day."


"As I grow older
I'm growing younger
every day
To my surprise, when I ordered this book used from amazon, it arrived with this note tucked inside the pages, written in a shaky hand and uncannily echoing the words of Emily Dickinson.

Gerry and I both used this prophetic scrap of paper for a bookmark as we read this highly and often recommended commentary on how to deal with / avoid unnecessary end - of - life medical intervention, sometimes thoughtlessly suggested, if not forced upon us, by health care professionals.


For more on aging and mortality and
our connective, collective life on earth, see
my Fortnightly Posts from Summer 2020


We Hardly Knew Ye



An Inheritance of Ephemera

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Also by Julie ~ this luminous morning glory!

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