Monday, October 12, 2020


Inside Looking Out ~ October 15, 2019
A mellow indoor swim with my friend & swimming buddy Nikki.

Outside Looking In ~ October 2018
Try to remember the kind of October when pools
were blue and full and oh so mellow!
Two years ago, I couldn't believe my good fortune,
to be swimming in an outdoor pool in Indiana, right up 
until mid - October!  The next year -- not quite so lucky -- 
the outdoor season concluded in mid - September; and this year,
a crushing blow -- both pools closed on the last day of August.
But for one brief, shining season, we really
did swim outside on every warm October day!

Admiring the Poolside Plantings 
I love the way these blossoms start out white, then turn pink!

 I love this view when I'm leaving the outdoor pool
 (via an attached indoor lobby) 
and in front of me, I see the pool behind me, 
reflected  in the glass doors leading into a hair salon
 (that's why all the chairs). 
Not exactly captured as I had envisioned, but
still, an image of summer to recall the fleeting season.

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