Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Little Dishes

Doll Dishes from the 1930s
Cracker Barrel Harvest Plate from Cheryl
Lenox Vase from Vicky
Flowers from Beata's Garden

As a child, I always preferred old books and toys over anything offered to me from the 1960s. I played for hours with these vintage dishes from my mother's childhood, serving tea to my grandmother's Nina and the other old dolls. The vivid Fiesta Ware glaze spoke to my nostalgic heart -- beautiful breakable ceramic, not tin or plastic!

I have kept them on the windowsill for several months now, along with the Swarovski Crystal dish that my friend Mary Alice sent a couple of years ago. In January (okay, maybe February) 2020, when I put all the other Christmas things away, I decided to keep the crystal out, where it casts these rainbow patterns every day. So many treasures, reminding us of dear friendships, of days gone by and yet to come.

Inside the crystal dish, not entirely visible, are a red heart ~ from Auntie Wickie ~ and a miniature globe of the earth, just a few of the talismans that are helping us get through this very strange and worrisome year.

"You Will Be the Light"

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