Thursday, February 11, 2021

From ~ To ~ To ~ From

I love this Valentine from my friend Steven and his cat Omen because it reminds me of one of my favorite holiday quotations, so absurd that it always makes me laugh:
“It is a bad, bad plan to use up last year’s cards by returning them to the original sender, crossing ‘From Charles to Lottie’ and simply substituting ‘To Charles from Lottie.'”
from The Perfect Christmas
by Rose Henniker Heaton (b. 1884)
I know this was not Steven's plan but couldn't resist the opportunity to use Heaton's clever observation!

Here's another example / slight variation:
When Sam simply crossed out 2011 & wrote 2012;
then Ben came along and simply
added his signature next to Sam's! Haha!
Compare 2011 Sweethearts to 2021!


Or that other time,
when my sister Di sent me a Christmas card / letter,
inscribed "save til next year and re-read." Haha!

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