Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Divine Your Heart

Vintage Easter Tokens ~ Treasures From Sir Igor
And a little card which I picked up at
a Missouri antiques store way back in 1976!

Sadly, we have lost so many friends this year,
though somewhat surprisingly, none to coronavirus.
This poem seems the perfect "in memoriam" for all
whose absence we carry in our hearts this Easter Season:

Farewell to a Friend

Farewell, dear friend, sweet friend, farewell:
Oh, how I'll miss your cheery smile!
When days were dark and skies were gray,
You kept me smiling all the while.

Just like a lovely hot-house rose,
Unblighted by a winter's day,
You shed a perfume rich and rare,
On all who chance to pass your way.

A rose, of earth and heaven born,
So human yet divine your heart;
To know you is to love you, dear,
Oh, how I'll miss you when apart!

With a heart and soul in sympathy,
Reluctantly I bid adieu,
To all your love and tenderness:
Farewell, sweet friend -- farewell to you!

~ from A Soul's Appeal: And Other Poems
~ by the Actress Convert Irene West
I could not find the dates of her life,
but here is the poet's portrait ca 1917


"Paradise to me is knowledge,
the answers to all the questions you think of
and all the questions you never think of in life
." ~ 1981
~ Anne Bancroft (1931 - 2005) ~

~ Rest in Peace ~
Bob M.
Brian D.
Dan R.
Dave K.
Dee T.
Eve M.
John R.
Leta K.
Mary M.
Big Mike
Morgan B.
Nancy E.
Ruth D.

♥♥ . . . and so goes out the year . . . ♥♥

Trudy H.
Steve B.
Lisa R.
Rosanne McC.
Judy W.
Tony DC.
Patti B.
Evette M.Y.
Michele T.
Wanda C.

"Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.
~ Dylan Thomas ~

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