Friday, November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving Moon

Dress appropriately!
"As usual, the wearing
of suitably celebratory
celestial attire is encouraged
in honor of the full Moon.

And that's not just my advice!
That comes straight from NASA!

"It is Taqountikeeswush,
the Moon of the Falling Leaves."
Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration
Author: Jackie French Koller (b 1948)
Illustrator: Marcia Sewall (b 1935)
Additional reading:
The Moon of Falling Leaves:
The Great Buffalo

by Cary B. Ziter

Following September's Harvest Moon and October's Hunter's Moon, the chilly of month November (as with other months) offers a number of enchanting seasonal names: The Full Frost, Snow, Beaver, or Mourning Moon; and plenty of lunar celebrations and ancient customs.

Back in the day when Thanksgiving in North America was observed in October (still the case in Canada), it coincided with The Moon of Falling Leaves. This lovely, lyrical name for the autumn moon was used by the Narragansett, Cree, Ojibway, Lakota (Sioux), Chippewa, and Arapaho.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, gardening, and tree lore -- this is the moon for you!

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