Thursday, November 11, 2021

An Undying Hate of War

Greenwich Village, 1920s

In honor of Veterans Day & the Armistice,
Please listen to Eleanor Roosevelt:

"I have sketched briefly the short trip to Europe after World War I, and yet I think that trip had far - reaching consequences for me. I had known Europe and particularly France, with its neat and patterned countryside, fairly well. The picture of desolation fostered in me an undying hate of war which was not definitely formulated before that time. The conviction of the uselessness of war as a means of finding any final solution to international difficulties grew stronger and stronger as I listened to people talk. I said little about it at the time but the impression was so strong that instead of fading out of my memory it has become more deeply etched upon it year by year." ~ from her Autobiography

~ And ~
Please click to read my Fortnightly Blog Post
[a few days early for Veterans Day]:

"Angel of the Hills"
featuring the last couple of letters that
my Great Uncle Samuel Gordon Lindsey
wrote home from France before
losing his life in World War I ~ July 31, 1918
at the Battle of the Ourqc River at Sergy,
part of the Aisne - Marne Offensive

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