Friday, December 3, 2021

First Mince Pies of the Season

Mince Pies & Mulled Wine
at Heathrow Airport
2018: My Recipe
2017: Previously at Heathrow

As a sweet friend and fellow anglophile wrote: "Gorgeous pies! And mulled wine — so festive! I’m glad you got to have a first taste of the holidays while there. I really enjoy spending Christmas in England. I love the oldy woldy pubs with fires going and low ceilings with wooden beams and the friendly hum of conversation. Roast dinners and an old fashioned trifle for pudding (I had my very first one homemade by you [more likely, by Gerry!] and it remains the most delicious in my memory)!


About those roast dinners, Rumi -- as always -- has something wise to say:

Bowls of Food

Moon and evening star do their
slow tambourine dance to praise

this universe. The purpose of
every gathering is discovered:

to recognize beauty and love
what’s beautiful. 'Once it was

like that, now it’s like this' . . .

. . . These visitors came a long way, past all
the houses of the zodiac, learning

Something new at each stop. And
they’re here for such a short time,

sitting at these tables set on the
prow of the wind. Bowls of food

are brought out as answers, but
still no one knows the answer.

from The Soul of Rumi:
A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems

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