Monday, December 6, 2021

Light One Stovetop Burner

Light One Stovetop Burner
for the Maccabee Children!

Why were the latkes taking forever to brown? Why were those in the small skillet, over the smaller burner cooking faster than the big skillet, over the big burner? After much frustration and consternation, it dawned on us that the main burner was malfunctioning!

In hindsight, we could see that this also explained the lukewarm gravy at Thanksgiving and the barely simmering spiced / spiked cider on the stovetop. But those foods don't require high heat anyway, so it had been easy to disregard and then forget all about the irregularity. Not so with the latkes! Thanks to them, we realized that the oil in our lamp was fading! Our eyes were opened -- a miracle of Hanukkah!

Next, Gerry texted a stove repair person who messaged back that he was COVID-closed at least until January. Yet, free of charge, he left us a long helpful voicemail of things we could try. The first one fixed it! Light was restored! Another miracle!

We didn't need a new stove after all, or even a housecall -- just the repair instructions plus Gerry’s genius. As we say around our house, "It's not really lost unless Mom can't find it; and it's not really broken unless Dad can't fix it!

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