Thursday, May 5, 2022

443 Historic House Photos

Photographs of 443 Robinson Street
West Lafayette, Indiana
From the Topping Era: 1911 - 1955

As featured on
"Preserve Historic Lafayette"
~ A House Where All's Accustomed, Ceremonious ~

Until seeing this photo, we never knew about
the balustrade outside the third floor window.
It would be fun to re-concstruct that feature!
A Gathering on the Front Steps
It looks like a little child -- maybe the boy from
previous photo -- is sitting on Grandmother's lap.

I don't see any ice or snow, but I do see a sled!
You can see the barn behind the house,
and also the neighbor's barn, to the south / left;
neither barn exists today -- but the houses do!
The north side of the house,
with fledgling trees,
probably around 1920.
A summer view of the north facade,
probably around 1930,
judging by how much the trees have grown.
I wish we could see more clearly
the woman standing here so proudly
in front of her beautiful home!

The oak tree, grows more robust in each photo.
Today it dominates: The Tree Wins!
Professor Alanson Niles Topping ((R) & Son,
standing near the front door.

The dotted swag decoration above the porch
is still the same today.
Professor Alanson Niles Topping (R), and others,
standing near the back door.
The south side of the house,
a few steps from the back door,
looking east, toward the front of the house.
Resting pup in lower left!
A good view of the back
of the house, especially the upstairs windows.
A great backyard for family fun!
Two back windows & the backporch door.
An enterprising young man, building a dog house,
in front of the "new" garage, built from salvaged lumber
after the barn (see 3rd photo up above) was dismantled.
A new bike!
To the left of the 2 back windows, you catch
a glimpse of the neighboring house to the north.
A new wagon!
And a clear view of the neighboring house to the north.
If only that lovely porch was still there, but alas it is not.
So many interesting elements here:
graduation robes, wheelbarrow,
storm windows, photo friendly puppy dog;
and, somewhat obscured by shrubbery,
a view of the neighboring house to the south.

To be continued . . .

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