Monday, May 23, 2022

443 Robinson Photo Album

A Tour of 443
With Photos by Ian Green

Walking up the front steps

Entering the front door

Looking out the front door to the east

Looking to the south

Looking north into the living room

In the living room looking east out the bay window

In the dining room, looking east into the living room

The library, off the dining room, to the northeast

In the dining room, looking west into the family room

The family room, looking into the dining room

The family room, looking west

Next comes the kitchen

Stairs to basement in northeast corner;
stairs to second floor in southwest corner

Doorways to family room and dining room on north wall

Looking west toward the sunroom and the back door

The study, a south side addition to the kitchen

Looking west from the study onto the deck

The sunroom, west of the kitchen

First floor powder room

Master bed & bath

North bedroom

South / West bedroom

Veranda room

Second floor hall bathroom

Third floor bed & bath



Big garage & little garage

Finished Room Over big Garage (FROG)

Finished room over little garage (Tadpole ~ haha!)

Little garage, house, big garage -- looking east

Back door


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"Over a Hundred Years of Living"

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  2. Kitti, I always knew that you were a literary genius. But you are a true artist! I was thrilled to be able to see house pictures, cuz we couldn't make the open house. What a truly beautiful and historic home!!
    At least after you move we can still enjoy your blogs!

    Thanks for that,