Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cate's Books

Remember my friend Cate?

The one with the stylish cats (Twyla & Mimi) and the knitting blog:

She also reads. A lot.

She sent me the following summary of the current inventory scattered willy-nilly around her house:

Book of the Month: A Little History of the World,
author: E. H. Gombrich; illustrator: Clifford Harper

Knitting Books: Knit Now, Not Later

Books in Guest Room: Not for guests. Haha just kidding!

Books in Other Guest Room: Hmmm. Maybe too many?

Books on Night Stand: Careful -- Danger!

Books on Floor Next to Bed: Caution -- Knitting Needles (among other things); approach with care!

As Joan Didion says: "When I'm near the end of a book, I need to sleep in the same room with it."
Stacks Beside Bed, Toppled By Curious Cats Who Failed To Heed Cate's "Careful -- Danger" Warning! But, hey, just take a look at that great selection of reading material! Nighty-Night!



  1. Egad. Ummm could you edit the photo a little so my messy pile doesn't look so messy? lol

    And did I send you the lists of the books in those other rooms?

  2. But it's the MESSINESS that we love!

    No, you have not yet sent the lists for "Guest Room" and "Other Guest Room." But I am keen to know! Share and I will post!

    What I DO have is your coffee table list -- see above!