Friday, December 3, 2010

Light One Candle

"Light one candle
for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand."

~~ as sung by Peter, Paul & Mary ~~

As you can see from Ben's cut and paste Menorah project (1994), Hanukkah was a very popular holiday in the Philadelphia Public School System. Another year we carved a menorah onto the face of a nice wide pumpkin; I wish I had taken a picture of that!

Here is my beautiful Dancer's Menorah
antique brass by David Klass
. . . and a picture of last week's Turkey - o - Lantern


  1. I like the Turkey Punkin. :) That kitchen brings back memories, too!

  2. Thanks Dan! I have a stencil for a Christmas Tree Punkin that I hope to carve this year if I don't run out of time. I'll keep you posted!