Thursday, September 29, 2016


Bringing in the Harvest ~ ca 1890
by Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek (1843 – 1927)

Michaelmas -- I have always loved the sound of that word and always intended to learn more about this festival -- the Feast of St. Michael -- a celebration of harvest, shortening days, and end - of - the - summer fruits and flowers, hence Michaelmas Daisies and blackberry pies.

I never cease to be intrigued by all the folklore associated with this season and the cluster of celebrations that crowd the calendar, ranging from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice. I am so excited for every single one of these beautiful days and the way that everything fits together, leading up to my favorite time of year.

I read a good little quotation awhile back but didn't copy it down, something along the lines of: "life belongs to God." That observation appeals to me during such a splendid autumn, with each afternoon entirely gorgeous enough to break your heart and all the holidays packed with so much meaning. Just glancing out the window is enough to fill me with the sensation that, yes, surely, "life belongs to God."

~ Autumnal bouquet from my friend Sandy ~

~ Auntie Margaret's Michaelmas Daisies ~
England ~ September 2019

More Daisies ~ Prague City Center ~ October 2019

And School Celebrations in Virginia, USA

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