Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hail Jeopardy! Hail Purdue!

Just hanging out, eating dinner in front of the television and watching our favorite show, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a few answers to which Gerry and I definitely knew the questions!

We love it when that happens! Once back in November 2015, again in mid - July 2016, and, most recently, tonight:

Q: Who is John Purdue?

Q: What is Purdue?

Q: What is Computer Science?


And yet again! ~ January 12, 2017
Q: What is Purdue?

And again! ~ June 13, 2017
Q: What is Purdue?

And again! ~ November 30, 2017
Q: What is West Lafayette, Indiana?

As the New Year begins at Jeopardy,
Purdue remains on the inside track!
~ January 18, 2018 ~
Q: What is Purdue?

Still Going Strong ~ Pun Intended!
~ September 10, 2018 ~
Q: What is Purdue?

~~ And March 19, 2019 ~~
Not to mention
Robert Redford & Judy Garland!


For whatever reason,
Jeopardy just seems to love Purdue!
And we love Jeopardy!


And just for fun . . .


  1. Did anyone happen to notice that one night last week on Jeopardy, none of the three contestants -- despite their intelligence and advanced educations -- could recognize the last line of the Declaration of Independence. So sad.

  2. Not to mention Robert Redford & Judy Garland: