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In Charley Henley's short story "Cerrito Blanco," two very earnest little kids who live out in New Mexico have been exploring the bluffs behind their houses, digging in the sand for dragon bones and dinosaur bones. Innocent, yet world weary and even a little war - torn, Tessa and Hector remind me of Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom -- watch this movie if you haven't yet! -- and of Pee Wee Herman when he discovers that there's no basement in the Alamo: "It's not something they teach you in school. It's one of those things you have to find out for yourself."
Tessa: "I should probably get home. Can we come up here again tomorrow? And dig more?"

Hector: "Whenever you want," he said. He patted her knee with his small dirty fingers. "I don't have a lot of friends who are interested in Paleontology. Most everyone I know are assholes."

Tessa: "That's true all over," she said. "Most everybody you meet, they're going to be an asshole" (165).

Hector told her about the dinosaurs and the great sweep of time that could still be read in the rocks of that land. . . . She could see all around her the whole myth of Earth itself, the whole history of the world, written in siltstone and shale. . . . a hundred million years ago tiny creatures had lived out the sum total of their tiny lives. . . . it was all a jungle here then. But look at it now. You know what's weird, though? It's all still here, all the plants and the trees and the ferns and the the cypresses and all those climbing vines and all that swampy ground. Those triceratops. Those T - Rexes. All those allosauruses and pterodactyls. All the monsters of the Earth's long childhood (164 - 65, 173).
from The Deep Code ~ by Charley Henley


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