Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happy Advent

It's true, the buying and sending and receiving of Advent Cards does not play a vivid part in our Christmas culture; but that has never stopped me from making at least one set every year, for sending to my mother, and sometimes a second set for my friend and fellow Advent - observer Cate. If you would like to receive or send the set seen below, just let me know! They have been featured, week by week, on my blog before, but I thought it would be nice to see them all together on one post!
First Week of Advent
Hope, Prophecy, Discovery, New Landscapes, Quest for Truth
and -- last but not least -- Clearing Away

Second Week of Advent
Peace, Bethlehem, Sparkling Skies, Charming Gardeners
and -- last but not least --
finding the most gracious in the most common

Third Week of Advent
Love, Angels, The Fire of Hospitality, The Flame of Charity
and -- last but not least -- Entertaining Unawares

Fourth Week of Advent
Joy, Shepherds, Spreading the Light,
Sharing, Doubling, and Reflecting
and -- last but not least -- seeing in a new way

Happy Christmas

Thanks to my spiritual advisors
Katy and Peter for a number of these ideas.

And to my sister Peg, who wrote:
"I've heard that Edith Wharton quote before
and now I want to work on being the mirror."
And to my friend Cate for saying: "I LOVE them! They are beautiful. Are you putting a set on your tree? I think they would look nice there. You did a great job. Where did you get the idea? You are so creative! I always wish we lived close enough to make cards together."

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